Visibility is at the core of IncentViz. Our commission management product is geared toward giving your entire team – managers, accountants, and sales reps – real-time access to progress and performance statistics. Rather than waiting for information, everyone can stay informed and is empowered to take action more efficiently based on accurate performance-based compensation.

IncentViz is for companies that operate in a variety of industries, but we’ve picked up on some universal truths regarding the importance of visibility and accuracy. IncentViz stands out because it exemplifies these five key tenets:

1. Identify KPIs That Really Matter

IncentViz is designed to reflect the metrics that are most important to our clients. At the departmental and company-wide level, all executives are beholden to certain goals. Tracking performance and incorporating incentives related to these KPIs should be at the heart of any compensation management tool. We recognize the importance of setting a clear plan and rewarding its achievement. Objectives often vary across – and even within – companies, so flexibility is key.

2. Take a Holistic Approach

Success is nuanced. The most effective businesses know there isn’t just one lever to pull or metric to track. To that end, we view commission management as more than raw sales numbers. IncentViz certainly helps sales people, but our positioning goes beyond that one (important!) component. As the software continues to involve, we plan to expand the functionality even further, in keeping with our big picture view of compensation management.

3. Keep a Finger on the Pulse

You work in real-time, so why shouldn’t we?

Here at Single Source, we make decisions based on numerical analysis. We want to know what’s happening on a real-time basis, and our products reflect this philosophy. IncentViz differentiates itself from other business analytic tools which first scrape the data and then analyze it. We always have been proponents of gathering real-time numbers so we can pass them on to you.

4. Accuracy Prevents Headaches

Second-guessing is distracting. If your sales reps can’t trust the numbers they see, they may feel compelled to maintain their own spreadsheets to ensure they are properly compensated. Keeping redundant records is a waste of valuable time and energy. Your employees have better things to do than scour multiple systems for discrepancies, potentially 45, 60, or even 90 days after the fact. Time spent worrying and reconciling can’t be used to move forward. The best case scenario is that they spend valuable time confirming that the sales management software has done its job correctly. Worst case? Something doesn’t line up. Even one typo could cause a myriad of recalculations, headaches, or possibly distrust within the organization.

IncentViz allows employees to see where they stand, the products lines they should focus on selling, specific sales goals, and accumulated earnings. Real-time visibility eliminates the need to wait for a commission report to be generated and then cross-referencing it with personal records.

5. The End User is King

Empowering you is our main goal. When creating products, we consider the data you need to see, how you think, and the decisions you make. We provide visibility to critical numbers and educate users on how interpreting the data and using it to make an impact on the overall success of the organization. IncentViz is both user-friendly and capable of supporting complex incentive plans and structures.

Our belief is that knowledgeable, ownership-minded employees make the right decisions. If they feel accountable and involved, they have a significantly greater potential to positively affect your firm.