Are you tired of offering the same old workplace rewards? Looking for something fresh to energize your employees? We strongly believe in the correlation between employee satisfaction and retention.

A big piece of harnessing that power is making sure that your team feels appreciated and appropriately compensated. While salary and bonuses are clearly a key part of that, don’t be afraid to go beyond the surface. When it comes to rewards, you can see tangible results from incorporating layers of interesting perks. By thinking creatively about rewards, you can increase employee excitement, spend less, and differentiate your firm during recruitment.

Here are four quirky ideas that may just bring a smile to your employees’ faces:

1. Workstation Perks

Your employees probably spend at least 40 hours a week in the office. Why not make that environment as enjoyable as possible? The state of the space around us can have a major psychological impact, for better or worse. Just look at all of the time and energy people put into home improvement! Consider offering a range of workstation improvements, perhaps on a point system correlated to important performance metrics. These can include a standing desk, dual monitors, artwork, calendars, or even a lava lamp! You reap the added benefit of encouraging employee productivity by including items that directly improve their workflow

2. Student Loan Contributions

Consider ways to put money towards something that counts. Student loan debt can feel crushing. Incorporating this into your incentive system shows that you care about reducing the burden that may face your team on a monthly basis. A $100 restaurant gift card might be less alluring than $100 towards student loans, especially if the contribution is made regularly. This also demonstrates that you value their education. While any perk can be highlighted during the recruitment process, this benefit may be particularly attractive to recent grads.

3. Travel

While travel is incorporated into many companies’ rewards programs, sometimes flexibility gets lost. Remember that people may have varying responses to different types of trips. If possible, try to offer a range of options:

  • Company-wide trips based on firm performance can be a fun bonding opportunity for people to relax outside of the office. Depending on budget, you could journey to an exotic locale or coordinate a nearby day trip.
  • A company trip with selective attendance based on individual performance can offer be an attractive reward, especially if travelers are allowed to bring a family member, friend, or significant other.
  • A getaway for your employee, without the company, could be more restful. Although they won’t experience the bonding element, they also won’t have the obligation to feel ‘on’ during a multi-day trip.

The most restful option of all could be a sabbatical! Consider building in a month or longer sabbatical for employees who have served the company for several years. This encourages loyalty and offers a much-needed mental recharge.

4. Personal Growth

Like travel rewards, this type of investment can come in many different forms. Perhaps you could cover classes that hone skills that are directly relevant to an job descriptions. For example, Excel courses or Toastmasters public speaking classes. If this seems a little too by-the-book, you could also support their passions outside the boardroom. Offer a stipend for cooking classes, language, or any hobby that they are passionate about pursuing in their free time.

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