IncentViz is our answer to the pain point of calculating sales commissions. We designed this solution with technical expertise and a deep understanding of our customers to help businesses implement, manage, and process the best possible incentive structures. Our software provides real-time visibility and flexibility across an entire organization, better serving accounting, sales, management, and more.

Whether you are familiar with our software, or want to learn more, you could realize benefits by spreading the word about IncentViz to others. By becoming one of our channel partners, you will be eligible to realize some attractive rewards when you refer us to your customers.

Benefits for End Users

Our main goal is to help customers realize tangible improvements in compensation planning and execution, reducing costs and maximizing team members’ motivation. The sales team appreciate real-time updates of their progress toward goals. Accounting can save time by eliminating manual paperwork and the potential for human error. The executive level will have broader and deeper visibility, leading to time savings and increased clarity around commission structure. The end goal is to integrate operations to increase motivation and highlight common goals.

Benefits to You

As an IncentViz Channel Partner, offering customers a commissions processing solution will differentiate you from the competition. You can win more net new business or grow your revenue from existing business with this value-added offering. Showing prospects and customers that you care about this aspect of their operations can enhance your business partnership and improve their bottom line. By making them more efficient, profitable, and effective, you are building a stronger ally and deepening your bond. In turn, helping to sell our software can make more revenue for your company.

How does the Partnership Work?

We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to learn more about IncentViz and begin the onboarding process. Referring your channel partners can happen in 3 easy steps:

  1. IncentViz Link – First, send your customer to the IncentViz website.
  2. 30-day Free Trial – Then, they sign up for the demo. In this first month, users should begin to understand the very real cost-savings and efficiencies they can enjoy with IncentViz. Who would want to go back to tedious Excel spreadsheets?
  3. Commission – When the customer signs on day 31, we will issue you a check for 15% of the license fee in appreciation for your partnership. This comes immediately upon our receipt of payment from your referral, as per the terms of the license agreement. And it doesn’t stop there! We will continue paying you 3% commission on the license fee, every year that your referral renews their relationship with us.

Ways We Support You

In order to help you succeed as an IncentViz Channel Partner, we will provide several deliverables:

  • Entry level IncentViz System with Implementation – Experience and demo IncentViz for yourself! For just $1,500, this setup allows for a total of 7 users across 3 departments (5 sales, 1 executive, 1 accounting).
  • Quarterly Webinar – We care about ongoing education and relationship management, so we know it is important to offer this type of support. All customers have access to a special, co-branded learning event that is co-hosted by Single Source Systems.
  • Powerpoint Slide Deck – You can share this resource to give users a detailed overview of IncentViz.
  • Co-branded Literature – For each partner, we prepare tailored collateral.

Sound like a good opportunity? Please message us or call us at (317) 596-3000 to learn more about the referral program!