IncentViz started with an idea, or rather, solving a pain point we had seen time and time again among customers: processing commissions. Even with our experience writing custom software, there is still a long and thoughtful process between inception and reality. It was about a year later, after wrapping our arms around the scope of our endeavor, that IncentViz was ready to go. Read on about the development process and what’s still in store!

The Challenge

Our goal was to create a software solution that would be intuitive and easy-to-use but could also handle creating complex commission algorithms.

The Process

We collaborated with a lot of helpful and eager customers when developing IncentViz, working through what data would be most valuable for them to see. The designs for the dashboards we created revolved around the three main roles involved in incentive processing: sales, accounting, and executives. As our original designs turned into prototypes, which then turned into functional software, we continually consulted with customers to ensure we were on track to deliver the solution we envisioned. And of course, we designed IncentViz so that it could integrate with many leading ERPs.

IncentViz Sales Dashboard

In the Works

The modern world has become accustomed to breezy, beautifully designed technology by companies like Apple and Adobe. We aim to make IncentViz’s look match its flexibility, which goes hand-in-hand with intuitiveness. In a recent session including several members of our team, not just developers, we combed through the many screens of IncentViz brainstorming ways to improve the interface, including adding more labels, optimizing the dashboard views, matching the color scheme of our dynamic new website (which launched more recently than the product itself), and adding options for even more flexibility, such as more filters and customizable views.

IncentViz Accounting Dashboard

What’s Next?

Right now, IncentViz is mostly focused on companys’ sales departments, since they’re a great fit due to already being practitioners of measuring and hitting critical numbers. However, IncentViz can already handle many non-cash types of incentives, and whether a company has yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily goals, our product can help incentivize everyone and keep them rowing in the same direction.

While IncentViz is available now to demo and purchase, we are not just patting ourselves on the back and calling it a day. Our solution will continue to evolve, meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our customers!