IncentViz is a customizable solution for calculating sales commissions and incentive programs designed to meet the needs of multiple departments within your company. With its wide range of capabilities and its flexible structure, it helps tackle challenges facing key players in sales, accounting, and executive roles.

SusanHere are a few scenarios where IncentViz can provide an enhanced user experience and improve employees’ day-to-day workflow at the fictional company, Stridecor. These scenarios show how IncentViz can offer deeper, more relevant functionalities than manual processes Stridecor currently uses.

Let’s take a look at Stridecor’s key players.


Meet Susan, a Sales Representative! Due to frequent reporting delays from Accounting, Susan never knows exactly where she stands in terms of reaching her yearly quota goals. She doesn’t have visibility into the exact commission she is owed, or when she will be paid. As a result of this uncertainty, she spends a significant amount of time reviewing spreadsheets in order to manually determine her progress and resulting compensation. She’s frustrated and not as motivated as she could be.

With IncentViz, Susan can stay informed on her commissions and the progress she is making towards yearly sales goals. She has visibility into past, current, and future commissions. This access to reliable benchmarking allows her to problem-solve and make decisions in real time. DebAt the end of the day, Susan can enjoy the increased confidence and drive that comes from accurate incentive calculations.


This is Deborah, Stridecor’s Controller. She spends an excess of valuable time buried in tedious spreadsheets. Stridecor’s current commissions system often requires double entry and redundant efforts. It is overly reliant on manual data entry and calculations, which increases the likelihood of errors.

IncentViz alleviates Deborah’s headache by automating calculations and improving incentive calculation accuracy. She can benefit from the increased transparency of a program that provides real-time data and doesn’t require manual confirmation. Deborah is happier and freed up to spend time on more important things.


Todd is a Vice President and is frustrated by delays in receiving sales performance reports. This lag time has the domino effect of pushing back the timeline to calculate sales reps’ commissions. toddHe notices that his team seems discouraged by this lack of transparency and the delay in being rewarded for reaching quotas. Todd wishes he had more detailed data, which would allow him to adjust and customize incentives in order to strategically boost sales.

Thanks to IncentViz, Todd can maximize the sales team’s performance with real-time visibility into performance data. The user-friendly design reduces the time he spends navigating cumbersome spreadsheets and creates clarity around commissions. Now, he is empowered to motivate team members on an individual basis so that they can achieve common goals for success.

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