IncentViz is our solution for making it easier to calculate sales commissions and incentives. It’s flexible enough to handle many kinds of programs, both cash and non-cash for internal teams, especially your Sales, Accounting, and Executive groups.

But as the great Billy Mays would say, “But wait – there’s more!” Did you know, IncentViz can also handle scenarios beyond motivating your employees? That’s right. IncentViz can also be leveraged to manage incentives for your dealers and resellers. In fact, this is a capability IncentViz customers are already delighted about!

IncentViz’s built-in capabilities can allow you to coordinate many kinds of incentives for your dealers and/or resellers:

  • Rebates – returning a certain monetary amount to a buyer after the initial transaction has been completed. This amount is typically calculated as a percent of the purchase price. This payment is usually issued within a set time period after the purchase date.
  • Royalties – Providing payment for user licenses or access to other forms of intellectual property, often calculated as a percent of the related revenue or profit. This payment may occur on an ongoing basis, which can add complexity to coordinating its logistics.

The Status Quo

Handling your dealer or reseller network incentive programs the habitual way is manual and tedious. You have to carefully manage each one’s progress toward incentives, juggling dates and timeframes, calculating percentages, tracking which exact rebates or royalties are actually involved… All this usually involves inputting data, sending spreadsheets back and forth, and relying on multiple systems, and all of these points create opportunities for error. With everything else that is required to run a successful business, this may not be the best use of your valuable time and resources.

There’s a Better Way

At IncentViz, we aim to disrupt the status quo and make our customer’s lives a little easier. Our solution is structured in a way that can accurately automate and streamline even the most complex rebate and royalty programs in a user-friendly way. We want to alleviate the headache on your side and generate a more positive experience for your partners. By avoiding the mire of these logistical details, you can be free to focus on more productive activities.

It’s Win-Win

Your dealers and resellers will benefit, too. They’ll appreciate the better visibility into their progress towards earning rebates or royalties, as well as the greater confidence in the accuracy of calculations. More time will be freed up for them to do what they do, and they’ll have greater motivation to collaborate with your organization and work toward their incentives. Our solution helps you keep this external-facing part of your operations running smoothly.

We haven’t yet found an incentive scenario that IncentViz can’t handle! If you’d like to learn more about IncentViz capabilities and how it could help your team, please request a demo!

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