IncentViz is our user-friendly software designed to reduce costs and maximize the value of your company’s incentive program. Our solution is a boon for Accounting departments, streamlining what tends to be a tedious and resource-heavy calculation effort. As such, this is the benefit that excites our clients the most, and sometimes “IncentViz” and “accounting software” are thought as interchangeable.

But IncentViz is about more than crunching numbers! The IncentViz difference helps companies improve efficiency and set goals for a variety of departments – not just Accounting. Since our multifunctional software tool can be used for a wide range of functions, we have identified sales, management, and accounting as the areas where IncentViz is most relevant, and our solution is constantly evolving and expanding.

IncentViz for Sales

In addition to Accounting, IncentViz offers equally compelling advantages for Sales. In fact, IncentViz originated as a way to solve the pain point of processing sales commissions, benefiting Accounting and Sales alike! Creating a thoughtful incentive structure and maintaining its up-to-date operations is a technical headache for many companies. Collaborating with customers throughout the IncentViz development process, their feedback urged us to create a flexible, easy-to-use system that is a great fit for sales departments, who already are savvy practitioners of measuring and hitting critical numbers.

InventViz can help your company encourage the employee behavior that is most aligned with your business goals. Our software goes beyond providing pure motivation… also allowing you to recognize employees’ achievement and compensate them accordingly. And not just monetarily! Our flexible system allows you to tailor non-cash incentives, including:

    • Vacation days

    • Flexible schedules

    • Arriving late or early

    • Desirable, relevant prizes

    • Fun Company events

These incentives can have a significant positive impact on your team’s performance, offering a high value at a lower cost to your company. Replacing talent is expensive, but IncentViz can go a long way in terms of boosting employee satisfaction and retention of your most valuable team members.

The Power of Visibility

Streamlined, accurate reporting is an integral element of IncentViz. The software is designed to maximize visibility, which benefits both executive management and the sales team itself. Sales managers are some of our core users. The ability to monitor their representatives’ performance on an ongoing basis provides valuable opportunities to strengthen the organization. Flexible, real-time tracking allows them to recognize and reward individual contributions. For example, sales managers can highlight the best practices of exceptional team members and devise improvement plans for anyone who is struggling, perhaps preventing them from falling short of major goals while there is still time to adjust strategies.

Without IncentViz, sales reps often face reporting delays from Accounting, never knowing exactly where they stand in terms of reaching quota goals. We’ve even found that its common for them to create their own tracking spreadsheets, duplicating efforts and wasting valuable sales time. But with IncentViz’s intuitive interface, your sales staff can quickly and easily see if they are on track. This transparency is both reassuring and motivating.

If you’d like to learn more about IncentViz capabilities and how it could help your sales team, please request a demo!